Blaue Färben - endlich sind sie hier!

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Så blev  Th e   G a r d e n   S t u d i o  åbnet med fuld musik!

Almost 150 people showed up and enjoyed the art, the music, the cakes, the garden, and the good company of each other!
Thanks to You that contributed with help, and thanks to You who contributed with joy, enthusiasm,
happiness and curiosity!

For the rest of the summer, the Garden Studio will be open 
saturdays from 2-5 p.m. and sundays from 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.
 or after appointment by mail ullalundsgart@icloud.com

Here are some pictures from the party:

speach at the opening:
I found a feather on the forest floor. A bird had dropped it there. a little worn, very very beautiful. And a high-tec instrument!
This feather can make a bird fly. And at the same time, its a piece of art, incredibly fine!

There is in nature, in the air that surrounds us, behind our eyelid when we close theme and dream - a consciousness, an abundance,a beauty that is infinite and completely
beyond our understanding. so much to understand, so much to learn!
It speaks to us constantly. It speaks in the silent eyes of the animals, it speaks in the wind in the trees, it speaks in that art, that is created in the heart of man, it speaks in our dreams
 at night.
Nature is constantly speaking to us.

It is important, that we lesson!


 A small gate in to a big and wonderful world.

Be welcome!


Liebe Alle

Mit grosser Freude
lade Ich ein für die Öffnung von

T h e   G a r d e n   S t u d i o

Fladstrupvej 33,  (570 Trustrup
Mittwoch d. 25. Juli 2018  um  15 Uhr

Allen sind Willkommen!

info:  Kalender  und   Facebook  The Garden Studio at Ansegaard


Liebe Besucher meiner Homepage!

Wegen technischen Problemen sind noch keine neuen Gemälden unter "Verkauf von Gemälden" oder anderen Links zu sehen. 
Doch das Atelier ist voll von neuen Gemälden und Gäste sind wie immer willkommen!Ich hoffe das Problem ist bald gelöst!

 KS 2017 Tistrup  
Ich habe 3 Gemälden auf der zensierten Ausstellung KS


63" x 79"  Anemone Coronaria et Geum Rivale

63" x 79"  Papaver Rhoeas


"Sensorial Realms"
December 23 - Januar 15

Group Exhibition     Agora Gallery 530 W 25th Street  New York

Januar 8  6 - 8 PM


Merry Christmas and A Happy NewYear !
Ich bin in New York bis 16. Januar um mahlen und aufstellen zu tun.
Hier ist mein Studio bei PointB worklodge, Brooklyn:
Us phone:  +1.929.235.3121

 leufen rute

Mehrere Photos comming up..!

Important message to everyone that has contacted me in the period between june and december 2014:
Due to computer crash and incomplete back-up I have lost all korrespondance and costumers information from that period!
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